Turn Back Time: 7 Secrets to Increase Your Brain Power Instantly

How fit is your brain really? Is it flabby or flat-out remarkable? How much of your brain power do you use every day?

If your recall or memory is not what it used to be or you sometimes feel fuzzy and unfocused, you may want to take your brain to the neural gym, and fast.

Emerging evidence proves that you can increase your brain power WITHOUT consuming hours upon hours studying – no matter if you are old or young!

Getting Smarter with Age: Why You Do Not Have to Age Gracefully

For many years, you have been told that aging is responsible for a contraction in your brain’s fitness and health.

The latest studies, though, show you can finally fight back against the aging process. You can take control of your brain and – literally – turn back the hands of time.

Best of all, today’s top cognitive specialists insist that you do not need to be a rocket scientist to notice a big difference and fast.

All you need to do is try some of these tips below to improve your mental skills and increase your brain power!

Turn Back Time: 7 Secrets to Increase Your Brain Power Instantly

Could Boosting Your Brain Power Truly Be So Easy?

If you want to pump up the health of your brain, try one of the following everyday tips, tactics, and techniques:

1. Switch it up! Break Up Your Routine.

Try using a different route to work, eating lunch in a different place, or reading a book as opposed to watching TV.
Anything that disrupts your habits asks your brain to make new and different connections, and connections can assist stimulate the production of neurotrophins, an essential protein responsible for superior brain health.

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2. Have Fun. Play Games!

Research proves that games that require planning ahead, including games of strategy like chess, activate and “strengthen” your frontal lobe that leads to greater decisiveness, focus, and clarity.

Other great games include checkers, tic-tac-toe, solitaire, and card games like poker and blackjack.

3. Se Habla Español? Learn a new language.

Always wanted to learn a new language? Great news! Learning a new language requires some areas of your brain to all “cooperate” – making powerful connections all across your neural network.

4. Are You the Next Picasso? Get Painting!

Whether it is doodling on the back of an envelope or painting the next masterpiece, it is time to release your inner artist.

Activities like painting and drawing stimulate numerous regions of your brain – helping to boost creativity, memory, and recall.

5. Get Off the Couch! Walk, Run, or Soar!

Physical activity of any kind helps increase neurogenesis as well as stimulates the production of neurotrophins.

So, it does not matter what you do: Just get up and do something! Of course, before starting any new exercise routine, be sure to get your doctor’s approval first.

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6. Read. Yep, simply read.

Studies reveal that daily reading all by itself will help enhance your critical thinking skills, improve your ability to focus, and sharpen your memory.

Best of all, it does not matter what you read – just read!

7. Strengthen Your Brain with Cognitive Training.

There are many excellent brain training resources online today. Be sure to look for science-based cognitive training programs that show proof that they actually work. Sites like the Raikov Effect are a reliable place to begin and get more information on developing brain health and function.

Brain training is more available than ever before. As you have seen here, it does not necessitate weeks, months or years to increase your brain power.

All it takes is a decision to commit to being the best you can be.

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