Make Today What You Think It Should Be

Make Today What You Think It Should BeDoes title catch your attention? Want to learn how? Guess what? You already make today what you think it should be and you make it every day. The only difference is that your level of expectation may be a tad bit lower than it ought to be.

If you wake up, get out of bed and stub your toe on the bedpost you might already be predisposed to thinking the day’s not going to be that great. If you don’t do something to change that outlook you probably won’t be disappointed.

On a day in and day out basis, you get exactly what you expect out of life. Not what you wish for, but exactly what you believe is going to happen.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating; whatever you focus on is exactly what you get. The problem is that most of us do not spend enough time focusing on the results we want and as such we end up getting the things we don’t want because that’s what we’re focused on.

So how do you make the important distinction in your focus and make the change?

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Start with something simple.

Write down those things that you want from life. This does not have to be your giant elaborate list of goals, just the things you’d like to have happened on a daily basis. Things like; being happy, having a great day, being a good friend, being healthy.

Write these things down on a card and keep it with you all the time. Review it in the morning and several times throughout the day. Every time you feel yourself having negative focus, take out the card and read it.

Life is meant to be lived, not survived! If you spend all of your time focused on the way you don’t want things to turn out, you will miss the fact that they are actually going the way you want them to. I know this sounds overly simple and quite frankly it is.

Get up tomorrow and decide that you are going to have a great day.

Guess what? If that’s what you focus on, that’s what you will get.

Why? Because the little bad things that happen to all of us over the course of a day, do not really add up to much of anything in the middle of a really great day.

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Just think about it.

Remember a day when something really good happened to you, and it seemed like everything was going your way? There were probably some negative things going on at the same time, but you just didn’t even notice because you were focused on the great stuff!

So, my challenge to you…

Decide what you want today to be like and make today what you think it should be!