What are YOU Creating Today?

What are YOU Creating Today?

Here’s a fact: You create your own reality. You create the world you live in.

So… what are you creating today? Are you living in the moment, and sending out a positive vibration to attract the life you desire? Or are you spending your time dwelling on the past, or feeling anxious about the future?

You see, you have the power to manifest anything you want, but most of us spend a majority of our time and energy on negativity. Today, I encourage you to stop focusing on what ‘should have’ or ‘could have’ been… Or thinking fearful, anxious and frustrated thoughts about the future.

It’s simple…

By becoming aware of your thoughts and realizing the power you have over your life, you can begin to manifest the good instead of the bad.

Here are 3 simple tips to shift your vibration right now:

1. Focus on what you want to create instead of what you lack

It’s easy to become frustrated when we don’t have everything we want…

But realize that manifesting from a place of fear and frustration will only bring you more of the same. Take a moment to feel truly grateful for what you already have and also for what you’re ABOUT to receive.

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When you appreciate the beauty that already surrounds you, you’ll soon find yourself amongst more opportunity for wealth, happiness and love.

2. Forgive others AND yourself

In order to move forward to your best life, you have to let go of anger towards others and yourself.

No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes, but don’t let these mistakes hold you back from living out your dreams.

In the end, holding onto resentment will only hurt you. Find compassion, understanding and forgiveness in your heart, for yourself and others, and you’ll be able to move forward freely towards your goals.

3. Let go of what you cannot change

Why focus on something that you cannot possibly do anything about? It makes no sense to dwell on the past or on something in the future that hasn’t even occurred.

What you CAN do is change your present. Change your perspective by focusing on the love, gratitude, abundance and happiness that surrounds you right now, right here.

Remember, what you direct your energy toward, you will attract more of.

So try these 3 simple steps and you’ll be surprised at just how quickly your energy begins to shift 🙂 Every day, you have a new opportunity to create something amazing….

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So, what will you create today?