How to Clear Abundance Blocks

Have you ever felt like you had “blocks” in your life? In this video, you’ll discover exactly what abundance blocks are, how they’re preventing you from achieving your life’s purpose — and 5 simple steps to rid yourself of them today.

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Here are the highlights for the event:

[+] The Truth About Money

Learn the truth about the most fundamental definition of value in today’s world – money. Believe me, it’s not what you think it is… and you want to avoid the… read more.

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[+] Abundance Blocks and Why They’re Holding You Back From Wealth

Abundance Blocks are the #1 thing that you have but rich and successful do not. Learn how these powerful subconscious barriers are preventing you from manifesting wealth in… read more.

[+] How Energy Clearing Works

Understand how energy clearing works, and how a little positive shift in your energy can lead to MASSIVE changes in your reality- sometimes in extraordinary ways — for good. Predicting your finances… read more.

[+] Super Easy Manifesting Formula & How to Create your own Reality

When you understand the “I AM” formula for manifesting, and see the exact steps, you’ll see how easy it is to create your own reality. As Christie says, “If you ‘invest’ your energy in the right places, it will ‘boomerang’ back with lots of abundance and money… Possibilities will keep showing up.”

[+] An Energy Clearing Session for Unblocking your Abundance Immediately

Experience an online group energy clearing exercise. One of the many exercises that have worked wonders in the lives of over 30,000 of Christie’s clients – including wildly successful entrepreneurs and… read more.

[+] How Much are Your Abundance Blocks Costing You?

Discover the 24 most common abundance blocks that may be threatening your financial security right now. Think about how much money you’d be making TODAY if you had already overcome all 24 abundance blocks.

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[+] How to Open Yourself to Receiving more and Tales of Unlimited Abundance

Learn a simple clearing technique to open yourself up to receive NEW abundance. And see what happens when you remove your Abundance Blocks. You *must* listen and be inspired by these real-life… read more.

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