How Energetic Blocks Are Sabotaging Your Abundance

Energetic blocks can seriously affect your life – especially when it comes to your ability to attract abundance. But energy healer, Christie Marie Sheldon takes this concept to a whole new level. Over the years, she has identified something called abundance blocks (and there are exactly 24 of them).

These energetic blocks are limiting subconscious beliefs or ideas we may have around money. And they are suppressing our chances for financial success – without us even realizing it. To help you get a better understanding of what these energetic blocks are, Christie has recorded a fascinating 18-minute audio explaining it in more detail.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • [1:01] – A simple yet profound question that will shift how you see the effects of abundance in your life.
  • [4:02] – What you really need to know about money (and why you’ve subconsciously been rejecting wealth).
  • [5:49] – A short exercise to understand your true relationship with abundance.
  • [6:52] – The false ideas we have about money and how it’s affecting your potential wealth.
  • [7:44] – How the 24 insidious abundance blocks latch on to your subconscious mind.
  • [9:45] – The shocking impact of even just one abundance block in your life.
  • [11:09] – The power of collective intent: What happens when you meditate in a group of THOUSANDS.
  • [14:27] – Christie’s unique ability to “scan” other people’s energy (and what it means for you).
  • [16:00] – A fascinating story of how Christie was able to help her client break a cycle of abusive jobs (and the surprising reason behind why her client was stuck in this negative cycle)
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Christie is the author of the massively popular Unlimited Abundance program. And she consistently breaks attendance records every time she hosts a new class. If you feel like there’s something blocking you from letting abundance flow into your life, you do not want to miss this special FREE online training!

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