Removing Abundance Blocks with Christie Marie Sheldon

Christie Marie Sheldon Unlimited Abundance Clearing Event

What are Abundance Blocks?
Abundance blocks are subconscious beliefs you inherit from society, culture, and people around you that subconsciously and unknowingly sabotage your efforts grow in wealth and income. They could come from your parents, mentors, friends, religion, culture, or the media and the government.

From working with 10,000+ clients Christie Marie Sheldon notices 24 distinct Abundance Blocks that are common in many people. Most of us have at least on of those blocks.

The Truth About Money
Does thinking about money, bills, debt, credit cards, etc., make you feel good or frustrated/stressed? Believing the phrase, “money is the root of all evil,” is programming many people buy into throughout their lives. But money is just a type of energy you use to do good things for yourself.

Money is just an effect. The true case of your money situation is your energy field and abundance programming that you’ve “agreed” to align with.

The Clearing Session
To liberate yourself from your abundance blocks, go to the source – the part of your personal energetic field called your Abundance Frequency.
Think about your money, income, and your career, and ask yourself where and whom you received your beliefs about money, income, and career.

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What age did you develop these beliefs? Where did you buy your story from? Was it from how your parents viewed money? How old were you when this pattern first started taking place?

After about a month, ask yourself whether you’ve seen improvements in your abundance. If not, then ask yourself, “Is this coming from a part of me that doesn’t want to change and upgrade into more abundant life?

If it comes from a block… You need to delete it and transmute it.

How Much Your Abundance Blocks Could Be Costing You?
Christie suggests that to be considered “financially healthy”, your income should increase by at least 10% each year starting from your first year of work.

If you’re not earning what you should be after all these years, you probably have Abundance Blocks, and you need to fix your Abundance Frequency.

Wrap Up
You’ll see and feel results at the very moment you start working on your personal energetic fields.

Once that block is gone, you won’t even be able to conjure up the negative thoughts you had before that were holding you back. As a result, you’ll start enjoying positive results instantly, which only get better as the days, weeks and month go by. Upon clearing Abundance blocks people start to notice their careers taking off, their income rising, and they seem to be far more fulfilled with their money situation.

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Unblock Your Abundance Now!