Consciousness Engineering – How to Get Bigger Results in Less Time

Discover How To Use Consciousness Engineering To “Hack” Your Life, Upgrade Your Beliefs & Habits… and Experience Success In Multiple Areas of Life

Consciousness Engineering – a brand new training with Vishen Lakhiani (founder of the awesome personal growth company Mindvalley), where he reveals the exact strategy he used in his life to creating “success” – in all areas. In this training, he literally hands you a blueprint to get better results in ANY area of your life – from wealth to health and to spirituality.

Vishen Lakhiani is an anomaly in the world of business. A good one. He went from being an unknown person from a third world country to an entrepreneur running 20+ companies (worth $50 million) in just 10 years. (many of them having an influential presence and a massive fan base in the USA!!). All of this from scratch with a starting capital of just $700 – seven hundred dollars!

Certainly, he’s not an ordinary entrepreneur. He’s on a mission to help people reach their full potential, and works with an awesome team of people from more than 32 countries, creates amazing products, and collaborates with more than 100 top personal growth authors. His secret? He developed and mastered a system to speed up his personal and professional transformation… so he could get bigger results in far less time.

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He calls it Consciousness Engineering, and it can help you transform the TWO pillars of success – your habits and your beliefs.

Consciousness Engineering with Vishen Lakhiani

Now, it’s a 60-minute master class where you’ll learn this new model from none other than Vishen himself. What you’ll be learning – the Consciousness Engineering system – is the SUM TOTAL of everything he’s learned, and for the first time, he will be giving it all away… for FREE!

This is a one-of-a-kind training, where you’ll discover exactly how to change your deepest beliefs and daily habits in order to create radical transformation.

Please don’t take my word for it. Join us for this brand new class and you’ll experience the power for yourself.

Here are the highlights of this incredible training:

#1 Experience Mindvalley’s Vishen Lakhiani sharing his never-revealed Systems and Models strategy. This will empower you to change your beliefs, habits… and RESULTS!
#2 Uncover the secrets of “hacking” your reality. You’ll learn how to upgrade your life to enjoy more abundance, success, better relationships and more.
#3 Discover the simple shift in mindset which helped Vishen’s income explode 400% in just one year. And how you can effortlessly apply this secret in your life.
#4 Discover why your beliefs are NOT who you truly are. (And learn a simple way you can create a new you by “installing” new, empowering beliefs… which you choose…)
#5 Find out why you get from life what you expect to happen. And how one simple shift can change your expectations from negative to positive…
#6 Learn how to SMASH the illusions that hold you back from the life of your dreams
#7 And much, much more…

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Click here and spend a minute to watch the VIDEO where Vishen is explaining one of his concepts. It’s mind-blowing.

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