It’s Time to Start Believing in Your Dreams Again

This is one of my personal fav – probably the best speech by Lisa and it’s called “Questions That Will Stir Your Soul” for a reason. Why? Because… no matter where you are in life today, no matter what is going on in your life, and no matter how different your current circumstances are, you’ll still be incredibly moved by Lisa’s questions and her story (at minute 25:08) in the video.
She says, “You should be wealthy. Extremely wealthy. Because when good people do well, they simply get to do more good things.” How unequivocally true is that, isn’t it? She goes on for a full 50 minutes, to captivate, move and inspire you to start believing in your dreams.

Lisa asks a series of powerful soul-stirring questions, tells an incredibly authentic story of failure and success, and walks you through an extremely vivid visualization exercise… It’s time to start believing in your dreams again. They are yours, given only to you and this VIDEO will inspire you to take action on them.

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