Work And Personal Time – It’s A Sign?

Work And Personal Time - It's A Sign?Today more and more people are experiencing burnout, insomnia, and stress. Why is that? Many people have a very busy life. We all would like more time in the day an extra hour would be fantastic. Maybe have more time to relax and enjoy life with friends and family. However in our society today, it is fast pace. Life is more demanding. It seems impossible to slow down. The road that we are driving on is continuous and there is no stop signs on it. It is a fast race. How do you gain more time to slow down? Here a 3 steps to help you on the journey to conquer the time you have on earth.

1. Start a flexible schedule. Allow a little flexibility into your schedule. The more strict you are the less likely you will slow down and have a balance in your life. Things do happen. Leave room for the unexpected surprises. Don’t beat yourself up when situations do occur. Just take care of it. And move on with your schedule. Situations work out and do occur for a reason. Even when it does not make any sense to you.

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2. Identify your time blockers. These blockers are those things that are low priority tasks that we think needs to be done. Some examples are taking phone calls when you know you should be working, cleaning out a closet instead of spending that time with your family, checking email every hour, watching T.V. , or surfing the net instead of working on that project that is due in 2 days. These are just a few. The low priority tasks are numerous. Pay attention to these blockers . Explore ways to overcome these blockers and take action to change the blockers.

3. Take note of your workload. You need to schedule on your planner/ calendar enough work that keeps you busy. However not too much that will rock into your personal life. Take on additional tasks or projects that will fit into your planner. Schedule time for your work. Schedule time for your personal life. For instance birthdays, anniversaries, or whatever event it is going on in your life. Schedule that onto your calendar. This helps with not overlapping events and work in the same time frame.

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There is only so much time in the day. You cannot buy back time. However make your time worth it. With the right dose of work and personal life, your time will be more productive. Your time will start to move forward on the right road.

About the Author: Amanda Young, founder of The Time Mastery, specializes in helping people get more done in less time and gain more balance in business and personal life.
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