A Powerful Heart Meditation To Increase Intimacy

Have you experienced heartbreaking pain? Disappointment? Abandonment? Betrayal?

Many of us have experienced difficult, perhaps even traumatic times – especially when it comes to relationships. While this is a regular part of the human condition, it doesn’t make them any less painful – and left unchecked, these past experiences can become triggers to shut down emotionally. Why?

Opening your heart to give and receive love can be scary. Moments of disappointment or abandonment can stick with us much longer after they happen. They are causing real and damaging intimacy blocks. The real problem is that in order to have loving, fulfilling and authentic relationships, we have to be vulnerable.

In this amazing video, sexuality and intimacy coach and author of “Tantra Touch,” late Psalm Isadora teaches a beautiful heart meditation. This heart meditation will help you to open your heart, remove the shame and fear, increase your connection and to let go so that you can invite true intimacy and love into your life.

Important note: Some of you may feel extremely vulnerable during this heart meditation. This is by design. Just understand that experiencing this level of vulnerability – as unnerving as it may be at first – is an essential step to creating deep human connections.

The heart meditation starts at the 12:45-minute mark, but do watch the full video to understand what to expect from this exercise.

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“If we can hack our belief system around sex, we can get to the deepest places of our taboos and start to actually unleash our power of being able to connect with each other with more intimacy.” — Psalm Isadora

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  • Break the pleasure barriers in your mind through the concept of sacred sexuality and other concepts. That not only unleash more passion and more drive in your life but also slows down aging.
  • Learn how to uncover and delete psychological and energetic blocks around sexuality. You’ll know exactly how one of Psalm’s clients, a famous actress, turned around her “hopeless relationship” into an amazing adventure that led to a picture-perfect marriage.
  • Experience The Tantric Heart Exercise. A simple two-part exercise to release your heart from your mind’s vicious grip and turn your dominant thoughts from fear-based to intimacy-based.
  • Experience The Transformational Sound Breath Exercise. A powerful ecstasy-inducing exercise designed to liberate you from your intimacy blocks and activate your sexual “right brain.”
  • Experience The Bliss Breath Exercise and Featherweight Touch Massage. A magnificent combination Tantra Sex technique that can crush a variety of sexual blocks including trust issues, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, insecurity, traumas and other harmful patterns from childhood.
  • And so much more.
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