Breaking Past The Taboos Of Sex and Intimacy

How do your beliefs around sexuality and intimacy impact your life?

Late Psalm Isadora, an intimacy coach who has taught thousands of workshops internationally, says that our belief systems around sex can hold us back from true connection-unless we begin to “hack” them and move openly into the “deepest places of our taboos.”

Psalm learned the ancient teachings of Tantra in India. And was dedicated to helping both women and men experience true, deep intimacy.

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“Tantra: The Art Of Sacred Sexuality”

“There’s nothing more intimate in life than simply being understood. And understanding someone else.” Brad Meltzer

If you feel like you could experience stronger, more loving bonds in your relationships, then you should check out late Psalm’s incredible talk, Breaking Past The Taboos Of Sex and Intimacy, filmed at Awesomeness Fest Croatia.

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“If the whole world could have healthier attitudes around our sexuality, then we wouldn’t have a lot of that [sexual] suffering… And not just around trauma or abuse, but just day-to-day being able to tap in and connect with each other in a real way.” Psalm Isadora

Join late Psalm Isadora’s FREE masterclass
“Tantra: The Art Of Sacred Sexuality”

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