How To Let Go of The Past

Be honest…

When you feel hurt by others, do you find it easy to forgive and forget? Or do you hold on to resentment?

Although it may seem easier to remain feeling upset or even mad, did you know that if you do this, your health and well-being may suffer in the long run?

You see, when there are feelings of anger or bitterness, there’s also pain underneath, which means that there’s all this amazing energy inside of you just waiting to be transformed!

Holding on to grudges will only consume your body with stress and anxiety and strip your soul of the joy and love it’s really craving.

How To Let Go of The Past

So next time you feel like sitting at home thinking about how people have hurt you, or imagining all of the different scenarios that could have played out… try expressing it in person or writing a very honest letter instead.

Then release your emotions and open your heart by looking into the future, instead of focusing on what’s now in the past.

Life is short!

So set yourself up right now to create new, incredible memories by letting go of any negative, old ones.

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When you do, you’ll see how forgiving will not only make you a better person but also a healthier and happier one too.

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