Guided Relaxation Meditation

This 8-min guided relaxation meditation will help you to relax. The beautiful voice guide you trough the whole meditation. You will feel calm, at peace when you go deeper into this guided relaxation meditation. It’s a self-help meditation, which brings you more in balance and gives you a peace of mind.

Since you’re already here, I probably don’t need to convince you about the reasons or benefits of meditating. But, just in case you need a few more reasons, or a friendly reminder here is just some of the benefits.

Meditation can assist you to:

• Reduce stress and become more relaxed, therefore enjoy your life more
• Achieve more mental clarity, better memory, and recall,
• Enhance creativity and improve problem-solving skills
• Bring your body into balance, increase overall health, normalize blood pressure, etc.
• Develop your overall physical appearance, skin condition, muscle relaxation, etc.
• Be (and appear) more positive, peaceful, and thus in control

and lots more incredible stuff.

And, if you’d like to dive a little deeper, meditation can also help you to connect to your true self.

In simple terms, it can help you discover and know who you actually are. Not what the world around has told you – or is telling you – that you are or what others think, assume or desire you to be. But, who you honestly, truly are.

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You get to be in touch with your essence. And, as such, you start to align more with your real purpose, and with life itself.

But, that’s only if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Ultimately, you don’t actually need a reason to meditate. Or rather, you shouldn’t need a reason.

However, if a reason is what you need to motivate you to do it regularly so that you can enjoy all the amazing benefits, then that’s just fine. Nothing wrong with that at all.

But the most important is that you start to meditate now.

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  1. I nearly froze to death in Montreal once…
    and it was only early December, not Winter technically. I shall never repeat
    that exprience again. I just wanted to Kill
    some Fat American tourist and then crawl
    into its generous hide for Feed, Warmth,
    and Protection against the Frogs!

  2. I picture myself being fisted by Al-Qaida inside a cave somewhere along
    the Af-pak border instead? I find the thought of that to be very relaxing!
    I don’t want a Canada Chalet or a
    Vacation Home…These are such
    Yuppie Values. I want Fisting, Caves,
    and heavy Garlicky Man Breath!

  3. Judging by a lot of these comments, so many people haven’t experienced a truly beautiful winter sunset in Canada.

    It can be the most breathtaking and beautiful thing in existence, and when I hear her say, ‘it’s getting darker’, I visualize a violet sky ensconsed in orange and pink light from the setting sun, with dark clouds above me, and the faint glow of street lights flickering on from a city below the mountainside I’m currently on.

    I love that visual.

  4. I find that too, I think you just have to train yourself to breathe properly.

    It’s easy to get in the habit of taking shallow breaths and using the upper, rather than lower, part of your lungs to breathe. I read somewhere that the most clean, well-filtered oxygen comes from the lower part of our lungs, so it’s important to learn how to breathe properly.

    I also tend ot breathe strangely when I try to focus, mentally. Mindfulness meditation may help you. It’s helped me.

  5. i find that deep breathing excersizes cause me to breath unnaturally and this creates more anxiety….am i just doing it wrong??

  6. This is one of my favorite teaser meditations. I got the membership to hear the full version- WHICH ONE IS IT ON THE WEBSITE? There are no “contact us” on website.

  7. xD canada, wow…I expected to be taken on a ‘faraway spiritual journey’ with the standard sandy beach/tropical forest.
    But I like it. especially because if I want to visualize Canada (without the snow or chalet) i just look out the window =]

  8. After I posted that I thought… why didn’t I mention Swiss Chalet! (it’s a North American restaurant for anyone who doesn’t know).