Top Ten Relaxation Techniques for Children

Top Ten Relaxation Techniques for ChildrenRelaxation techniques are some of the ways of distracting from tensions by employing recreational activities. They are of great assistance in maintaining physical as well as mental well being. Even children are quite stressed nowadays and require relaxation techniques. Relaxation is a free state achieved by recreation process such that it takes away the tension from a person’s brain and relaxes his or her body and mind. Relaxation techniques make a person to relax as well as attain a peaceful state of mind. The relaxation techniques reduce the anxiety levels and manage the stress, normalize heart rate as well as breathing rate.

Formerly, relaxation techniques were recommended only for adults and were assumed that owing to stress and its association with family tensions, work pressures as well as other responsibilities. Today, relaxations techniques are related to children as well as they also have to deal stressful situations. As the world is very competitive, children have to be on their toes and are coerced to excel in all the fields they venture. Children are slowly becoming prey to increasing strains and stress has also got into their lives. Children keep striving to reach unreachable goals and the tension seems to be increasing.

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The top ten relaxation techniques for children are as follows:

Deep Breathing: Deep breathing help children in relaxing and slowing their heart rate and in normalizing the blood pressure. You should ask your child to breathe deeply and hold for few seconds and then slowly release it as this gives maximum relaxation.

Music: Music for children is a favorite. Instrumental pieces or certain tunes have the capacity to soothe your body and mind. Music is a divine form and has the ability to fight stress such that it can distract a child from tensions.

Exercise: You can ask the child to relax his or her muscles. The child should stretch arms and slowly the whole body. Physical relaxation leads to mind relaxation.

Meditation: Meditation is a mental exercise that does not ask challenges and it soothes your soul through sacred messages. Yoga is a promising relaxation technique.

Laughter: Laughter is the best medicine and an excellent relaxation for children. Comic books and jokes make children laugh and is the best exercise for facial muscles. It relaxes the muscles and creates a positive note,

Toe Tensing: This is difficult to perform, but is an effective relaxation technique. It is a simple exercise that can be done by lying on the back and pulling your toe towards the face.

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Visualization: It is believed that a child can be relaxed if he imagines something nice and visualizes the scene in front of his closed eyes. The imagery and thoughts offer a positive picture.

Taking a break: Taking a break from his regular schedule give the child absolute relaxation.

Binaural Sound: This involves listening to sounds as it helps in reducing stress

Introvert: It is good to teach your child to be a introvert at times to get rid of stress so that he is not disturbed.


  1. Excellent idea. Start ’em young. With more children taught how to relaz themselves we’d have less stressed out, angry, and worred adults.