Some Laughs in Asheville Abraham Hicks

“New Thoughts. New Ideas. New Approaches. New ways of looking at things. You came for that. You were born for that.”

Asheville is always a magical experience. Two full days of workshops at the luxurious, limited-capacity Biltmore Estate, consistently draws a seasoned, veteran audience, resulting in a full slate of leading-edge questions and insights.

“Anyone who’s doing anything because they’re supposed to do it, is missing the essence of life.
Anyone who’s doing something because it feels good to do it, is finding the essence of life.”

Topics include:
• 31 days ago his wife committed suicide
• The freedom of retirement
• Golfer sees and feels energy
• Wife wants to visit old lover
• Studied Abraham to cure herself of mental illness
• How to repair a relationship with husband’s family?
• Developing ‘spiritual muscle’
• Understanding The Grid
• Clarifying what Seth said
• Seeing through the eyes of Source
• Seeing Abraham’s aura
• Golf pro sustained traumatic head injury
• Having trouble conceiving second child
• and much, much more. Over seven hours of material.

“When you reach that place where you don’t need the manifestation in order to evoke the positive emotion, now you are free. Now you are the creator that you were born to be.”

Esther Hicks has been sharing Abraham’s teachings with thousands of people all over the world for 30 years, in the form of books, CDs, DVDs, and live workshops. The core of Abraham’s teachings involves The Law of Attraction, “the most powerful law in the Universe” — combined with practical advice on how to steer your own way down life’s highway using something they call your “Emotional Guidance System.

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