Abraham on Freedom and Diversity – Esther & Jerry Hicks

Abraham – Non-Physical Source Energy translated by Esther Hicks – discusses freedom and diversity and their attitude toward those who align with their material, and elaborates on the philosophy of Abraham-Hicks – explaining why Esther and her husband Jerry do not want to have an organization, followers, forums, or any other form of dependency.

Abraham also talks about the early days of giving seminars, reveals why Esther & Jerry agreed to let Hay House put out their books after nearly twenty years of self-publishing, and then explains why the Teachings of Abraham can never become a religion.

Recorded July 31, 2008, in Seattle, WA.

Esther & Jerry Hicks are the authors of numerous books based on the Teachings of Abraham and their latest book, “Money and The Law of Attraction”, reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller list.

For over 20 years, Esther has translated blocks of thought from “Non-Physical Source Energy” – which she also identifies as her “Inner Being” or “Soul” – and who refer to themselves in the plural as “Abraham” (no relation to the Biblical figure).

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Esther doesn’t use the word “channeling” to describe her process but understands if others do.

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  1. Imagine…. going to every event of Abrabam, meeting nice people, traveling around this beautiful planet… I WANT THAT!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I am “getting” this! My financial situation gets better and better! My general dominant emotion is better and better (mostly!). The love in my life is expanding! Everything is expanding! I ahve a rough day now and then but I ahve the tools to get on track fast!

  3. I’ve been asking this in another way. It’s great to hear my thoughts answered so quickly! I signed up for this workshop about a year in advance. I couldn’t make it and was really disappointed. I get the cd’s and was hoping one of those would cover this gathering. Instead it was the one a friend missed. The message was still clear. I gave up on this one, which is why it showed up! It was a gift, and I thank everyone involved in sharing, mostly Abraham. Y’all-ways know how to make a point.