1. there are always people to love and love back is my experience,life can even become better because of the experience

  2. I lost both my parents–I am listening closely to this video…I know I can trust these folks….She is right..we are still alive…And yes, I never met MJ or Swayze but I miss them too…

  3. My former lover, with whom I wanted to reunite, suddenly cut off all communication last Friday night. For the first time since he left five years ago, I am now living with no hope, and no alcohol to buffer the pain (I had developed a drinking problem following the breakup). To understand now that what I’m grieving is not the loss of the prospect of a future with my former boyfriend, but separation from Source/True self, is the most welcome news I could have right now.

    Thank you, Abraham.

  4. Thanks! My brother died recently and I beeing ‘sad’, but now for sure I understand that he is in pure alignment.

  5. Thank you for uploading this video. My best friend died yesterday and I’m having a difficult time dealing with it. He was in so much physical and emotional pain, so I do believe he’s now in a better place. But I still can’t stop crying because I miss him so much.

  6. Thank you
    I had some tough experiences the last few days,including getting rejected from a job.
    This would usually send me into a state of total despair but after hearing abraham I can deal with it in a much better way .Thank you again.

    Love Lena

  7. Amazing how when I am feeling down about something I watch this video and I feel so much better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Bless you, for sharing … this is so so helping me to Raise the vibration and helping me to be of help for otherpeople as well, Bless you it makes a huge difference

  9. the teachings of Abraham is really amazing. Whenever I listen to Abraham’s teachings I feel much better. I’m from the Middle East and I would love to attend a seminar for Abraham. I wish if Abraham visits the Middle East one day.
    All my love to you people who watch such videos.

  10. I read and listen to Abraham, I even went to London to see them but reading these comments make me think I am not alone in understanding. This video has helped me with my present challenge, thank you Abraham.

  11. Thank you Thank you….now it’s on the playlist.
    It is so wonderful how the appropriate video shows up on the recommended videos on youtube….back to center….love and allow

  12. soooo beautiful, uplifting als always. thank you, abraham. dear esther and jerry, thank you so much for posting.