Abraham: I’m In The Vortex – Esther & Jerry Hicks

Abraham – as translated by Esther Hicks – recently gave the definitive explanation of what they mean when they talk about alignment with Source Energy and being in the vortex.

At the end of the workshop, after spending a long segment with a workshop participant who was struggling with circumstances that seemed overwhelming, Abraham gave perhaps the most passionate and amazing rampage they have ever given. The emotional reaction of the workshop attendees confirmed its power as a touchstone for anyone wanting to know when they are in, and when they are out of, their Vortex of Creation – where the only reality that serves us truly exists.

Recorded on June 20, 2009, at an Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction Workshop in Boston, Massachusetts.

Getting Into The Vortex - Abraham HicksFor nearly 25 years Esther & Jerry Hicks have produced books, audio recordings, and videos based on the Teachings of Abraham, and their latest book, entitled “The Vortex”, is currently on the New York Times bestseller list.

Esther explains that when she speaks for Abraham, she is interpreting blocks of thought from Non-Physical Source Energy – which she also sometimes identifies as her “Soul”. Esther doesn’t use the word “channeling” to describe her process, since she is not in a trance and is not hearing a voice in her head. Rather, she has trained herself to verbally interpret the same unerring Inner Guidance that is available to all of us.

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  1. I woke up this morning thought to myself how eager I was to get in the vortex. I relayed Abraham’s words in my head and could even hear Esther’s voice. It felt so uplifting. I feel so good, I wanted to hear this video again!

    I appreciate Abraham-Hicks so much, love you guys! I don’t think I’ll ever want to go back to my old ways. I feels so good these days. Thank you!

  2. I can’t imagine the amount of energy in that room during this rampage.

    The is ONLY Love for Abraham. Very good.

  3. That didn’t just knock my socks off, it knocked off the socks of my Inner Being, too! Wow, the chills going up and down my spine …

    Okay, tell me, is it my imagination, or does Esther really become more radiantly beautiful every year?

  4. Walls falling down, fears dissolving I AM — I can now FEEL, thank you Abraham, Esther and Jerry

  5. first 3 times i watched this i just cried every time i saw the audience at the end,you can just feel the absolute power of this amazing delivery , and just to say thank you for all the amazing expansion to come wooohooo

  6. What a great video! I am so grateful to be in the vortex, laughing, playing and becoming more and more abundant. I added this to the top of my favorites and know it will be viewed often

  7. I LOVE ya guys…its so amazing to see soo much positivity and people bein g in the vortex and commenting here… this itself is a true blessing and joy for me…

    to read all ur comments and feel happy and keepp myself in my vortex…
    i share the same thoughts feelings and beings like all of ur comments..thank u abraham hicks,jerry and the whole world !!
    its so much fun to have shared it with my friends…

  8. Absolutely beautiful. My husband and I and my beautiful in-laws are going to see Abraham-Hicks on the Gold Coast later this year – I cannot wait!! Thank you for bringing such a beautiful message to the world Abraham-Hicks – Thank you so very much!!! xoxoxo

  9. Ordered the book, and am so waiting for it to arrive. This video makes me long for being in the Vortex… Thank you

  10. Thanks so much Abraham! I needed that this morning. You are an eternal inspiration of joy and love and appreciation is being flooded on you.

  11. thank you so much for your teachings, my life experience has led me to you and i can see how everything is connected and synchonized, you videos and books have opened my eyes and everyday i understand the universe and myself more and more. thank you
    peace and much love to you