5 Steps to Transform Negative Feeling into Positive Action

What do you do when something you have been looking forward to for a long time, finally arrives… and it is just not the way you imagined it? Do you feel angry, disappointed, frustrated? If you find these emotions arising, instead of allowing them to take over your body, follow these 5 practical steps for transforming a negative feeling into positive action!

5 Steps to Transform Negative Feeling into Positive Action

Step 1

Step aside to take a few moments and evaluate the situation. Look at it from the “outside” and think about what you would say to a friend who was in your same position.

Step 2

Healthily release your anger or frustration. Vent, but do not let the problem overwhelm and consume you. Sharing a friend, writing, or meditating are just a few examples of what you can do to recoup perspective.

Step 3

Detect the root cause and consider why things did not happen according to the plan. You can ask yourself these questions:

  • What was my expectation?
  • Was it realistic?
  • Did I take the proper steps to achieve my desired result?

Now use this information to learn and grow. This spet is the key step that will help you in transforming a negative feeling into positive action

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Step 4

Create a brand new plan of action. This is where you have to consider everything that you just learned and use it to your benefit. Ask yourself where can you go from here and how you are going to get there.

Step 5

Manifest your new desired future into existence. Trust in the unknown, keep focused on your end goal and allow it to unfold in your life.

Remember, even though it is not possible to change a situation that is occurred in the past, you can always control how you react to it, and that is what will determine your overall happiness.