3 Lessons on Connection from the Dalai Lama

Just wanted to share this inspirational clip taken from the first Awesomeness Fest (Mindvalley’s annual transformational event) back in 2010. It was held in Costa Rica and they had the honor of hosting some of the biggest names in personal growth. One of those names was Sean Stephenson.

If you’ve ever seen Sean in action, you know just how amazing a speaker he is. And more importantly, how he can really connect with his audience. In fact, in this short clip, Sean shares the 3 lessons on connection he learn from the Dalai Lama. It’s only 7 minutes long but you’ll love Sean’s blend of profound wisdom and playful humor. Here’s one of the quotes from Sean talk:

“Listening is not an activity of being quiet while formulating your response. Listening takes place when you put your life on pause, and you stop forming your response, you just take it in.”

Enjoy watching!

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