3 Simple Ways To Stop Worrying About Money

It’s the start of a new year… a time for new beginnings… but I’m getting tons of questions from people who are worried. They’re worried that this will be another “wasted” year. They’re stressed out, feeling fearful they won’t achieve their goals (again). And โ€“ above all โ€“ they’re worried about MONEY.

Here’s why this is counter-productive: We get more of what we focus on.

What this means is, when you allow yourself to worry, you’ll tend to attract even more situations to worry about. So, when you stress about “lack of money”, you’re actually inviting an even greater lack of money into your life. Not cool ๐Ÿ™‚ But here’s the good news: A simple switch in your focus โ€“ and energy โ€“ can have profound benefits.

3 Simple Ways To Stop Worrying About MoneySo, try this 3 simple ways to stop worrying about money:

1. Feel gratitude every day for all the abundance in your life. Doesn’t matter how “small” your current level of prosperity is, what is important is the feeling of appreciation and gratitude (I get best results when I write down a page of things/people I’m grateful for every day).

2. Spend time every day focusing on what you WANT. So instead of worrying, allow yourself to dream about abundance, manifesting your desires, and being happy. Imagine you already have all this. Feel those good feelings! This exercise reprograms your subconscious mind to attract more abundance and wealth and feels awesome. And it’s will definitely help you to stop worrying about money.

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3. Get in the FLOW by taking action. This is the key โ€“ because as soon as you get moving, your worries will evaporate. You’ll feel more in control, happier, and you’ll start to manifest more of the results you desire. All it takes is a little bit of action, but it *really* works. You don’t have to take “perfect” action โ€“ there’s no such thing โ€“ but try and take at least one small step a day which you believe will help you get closer to your goal. That’s it!

And if you truly want to explode your financial results, I invite you to join the Unlimited Abundance home training program. This training program will help you stop worrying about money โ€“ and show you how to attract more into your life. It’s all about how to eliminate your subconscious blocks to prosperity so you can effortlessly begin to attract more money and prosperity. I’m already IN โ€“ and it’s awesome!


Christie Marie is one of the most amazing teachers I’ve encountered. Why am I so sure? Because I know Christie’s story. After personally working with over 20,000 people โ€” many of them famous business leaders and celebrities including one Nobel prize winner โ€” Christie have identified 24 common and damaging abundance blocks that are stopping most people from enjoying the abundance they deserve. And Christie says even if you get ONE of these 24 abundance blocks removed, you’ll end up in a much much better financial position than before. The beauty of Christie’s process is that you don’t need any prior experience to successfully clear your blocks… in fact, newbies often enjoy clearings the most.

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Many of Christie’s students experienced huge synchronicities of abundance in just a few days after going through the program.

We’re talking about people getting.

  • Unexpected checks in the mail
  • Windfall profits within days
  • New opportunities from previously “lost” sources
  • And so much more…

All by merely deleting their old abundance blocks. How cool is that? Simple, isn’t it? So, if your goal right now is to be a lot wealthier and to attract more money and prosperity, a lot sooner than you expected…

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