4 Ways Energy Medicine Help Overcome Pain

“Energy medicine, energy therapy, energy healing, or spiritual healing are branches of alternative medicine based on a pseudo-scientific belief that healers can channel healing energy into a patient and effect positive results.” Wikipedia

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“Energy is all there is. The physical world is nothing but a slower vibration of energy.
Energy is the prime mover of all we see and know.
This understanding opens you to a new way of taking charge of your health.
You change the energy and, over time, your body has to respond.”
Christiane Northrup, MD, Women’s Health Expert

What Is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine (eMed) is based on the idea that all bodies and its processes are expressions of energy.[2]

Energy Medicine complements the body’s biochemistry with the body’s energy fields.

Patients are increasingly choosing this alternative approach for its pleasant and non-invasive techniques.

There are various forms of Energy Medicine, all of which can help improve the body’s health and vitality.

Each approach enhances the healing process by restoring balance to the Human Energy.

1. BIOFIELD Energy Therapy

What is Biofield Energy Therapy (BFET)?
Session length: 30-45 mins
Main Principle: The body is a self-repairing living entity

Used in hospitals and treatment centers for acute or chronic pain
It’s a non-touch healing therapy working on a quantum (energy) level
The sessions address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances
The healer transmits life force energy to a patient’s biofield (energy body)

Biofield Energy Therapy for Burn Patients

Burn patients endure complex and painful symptoms.

This often leads to mental health issues, impairs quality of life, and impacts the healing process.

(2010-11) The MedStar Washington Hospital Burn Center used BFET to reduce pain, stress, anxiety and discomfort among critical burn patients.

Out of 33 responses

67% noted pain reduction
76% noted lower anxiety and tension.[3]

2. Therapeutic Touch

What Happens in Therapeutic Touch (TT)?
Session length: 15-30 mins
Main Principle: Energy Transfer for Relaxation and Pain Relief

The patient and healer discuss healing goals
The healer’s hands lightly touches the skin’s surface in sweeping motions
The healer assesses the patient’s energy field to achieve energy balance
The treatment session closes with an evaluation

Therapeutic Touch for Cancer Patients

Pain and fatigue are common symptoms for patients undergoing chemotherapy.
(2008) Tehran’s Cancer Center studied the effects on chemotherapy patients.
The study divided 90 patients into 3 groups.

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Group-A – Received TT – GREATLY reduced their pain and fatigue.
Group-B – Received Placebo – FAILED to show clear differences from each other [4]
Group-C – Didn’t receive therapy – FAILED to show clear differences from each other [4]

Learn 4 Powerful Practical Ways to Bring eMed Into Your Everyday Life
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What Happens In Healing Touch (HT)?
Session length: 5-60 mins
Main Principle: Energy Field Re-patterning to Heal the Body, Mind, & Spirit

The healer enters a meditative state to focus and centre on patient
Next, the healer adapts their intention with the goal to restore the patient’s energy
The energy field is scanned by passing their hands over the body noting imbalances
Finally, the patient is grounded with the earth’s energy and is brought back into alertness

Healing Touch For Patients with PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) develops after a life-threatening event. An estimated 8% of Americans (24.4 million people) have PTSD, a huge proportion of which are military populations.

(2012) A 2-year study at Camp Pendleton, CA, found that Marines diagnosed with severe PTSD showed a significant reduction when they combined their traditional health care program with HT.

Group A – Received HT – 25.5% drop PTSD symptoms after intervention – Patients who underwent healing touch therapy showed significant improvement in the quality of life, and reduced depression and cynicism. [5]

Group B – Didn’t Receive HT – 6.5% drop in PTSD symptoms without intervention


What Happens In Reiki (Universal Life Energy)?
Session length: 15-90 mins
Main Principle: Energy Flow Increases Awareness Of Wellness From

The patient chooses of having music or silence during the session
The healer lightly places their hands on or hovers above local areas
The process increases coherence and decreases conflict in the energy system
This passive experience immediately creates a relaxed response

Reiki Healing For Substance Abuse Withdrawal

Withdrawal happens when an addict stops their substance intake at a dramatic rate.
It causes harmful physical, psychological and emotional problems, including depression, body aches, nausea, and sensitivity to pain.
Detox programs usually fail because many returns to abusing substances to escape the pain.
(2002) The Windana Society Clinic in Melbourne found positive Reiki effects on withdrawal symptoms. The clinic found that Reiki induced a profound relaxation withing 10 minutes.
Reiki healing significantly helped overcome withdrawal symptoms, improved sleep and quality life, and reduced anxiety levels.[6]

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Many studies have proven that Energy Medicine is a valuable tool to help heal patients with chronic illnesses. A general openness is required for one to accept eMed and its unconventional healing methods. It’s best to consult a field expert when deciding to explore the practice further. When we consciously work with our body’s energy system, we promote our innate ability to improve our health and vitality.

Learn 4 Powerful Practical Ways to Bring eMed Into Your Everyday Life
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Disclaimer: The information provided here are for educational purpose only. Please refer to a physician for medical advice. Readers should make independent inquiries and judgments before implementing the knowledge gained here.

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