The Magic of Knowing Your Dominant Energy Type

Has society forced you to adopt a lifestyle that’s sabotaging your happiness? Discover and embrace your true Energy Profile®
with the exercise and video below.

To find out your dominant energy type, please complete this fun and simple 3-step exercise before watching the video.

Now, why is it so crucial you understand this? It’s simple: because living in alignment with your energy type will help you eliminate blocks, feel tremendous confidence and positive energy, naturally accelerate your body’s rate of healing… and so much more. If you’ve ever wondered why it can be so hard to create financial abundance, great health, peace of mind and healthy relationships, this is the KEY.

1. Choose and write down 4 words from the list below that resonates with you the most.

Active Upbeat Comfortable Simple
Flowing Clear Brilliant Rich
Free Keen Dynamic Soft
Bright Reactive Relaxed Precise

2. Draw the first shapes that come to your mind.

3. Draw a horizontal line and write “Low Movement” at one end and “High Movement” at the other.

Mark a point anywhere on the line that best describes you. Low Movement would represent movements like calm, deliberate hand gestures or a slower paced walk for example. High Movement on the other hand would represent a more energetic stride in your walk or having fast-paced speech.

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Once you’ve got your answers, watch the video below to understand your Energy Types. Have Fun!

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