The Magic, Awe & Mystery of UNLIMITED AWARENESS

The Magic, Awe & Mystery of UNLIMITED AWARENESSHave you ever admonished yourself for feeling less than others in smarts, sexiness, conversation or wealth and felt that sting inside you upon the comparison?

Lots of people experience this continuously throughout their lives. They just feel stuck or bad and simply accept that it’s a part of the life process. But if you’re reading this, I know that you don’t.


Did you know that the greater your internal/external awareness, the more you feel equal to any task, any challenge, and any person? It doesn’t matter what it is, or who they are, Billionaire, Champion, beauty or celebrity.

I listened to the I AM Effect. A program from my good friend Harrison Klein and I had an aha moment. (As many of his teachings do for thousands of people) and it occurred to me just how metaphorical nearly everything is.

He was talking about sailing the ocean and the enormity of a 15,000-ton cruise ship floating on rough ocean seas, whereas a simple one half pound rock will drop straight to the bottom of the ocean.

Were you aware that there is more engineering in a single cruise ship rivet that goes into the building of nearly any house or on the land community including mansions?

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When one is aware of the consequences and needs of every experience one has, he is said to be enlightened.

There is more engineering that goes into one micron of invisible space than goes into the entire population of earth’s people.

In contemplation, it feels like magic, awe, and mystery.

The results of tapping into the intelligence of divine design are UNLIMITED AWARENESS.

The gateway is called INTUITION.

I urge and encourage you to get a handle on accessing and implementing yours. When activated, your love, wealth, genius, sense of power, purpose, and involvement in the world will never be the same.

Tap Into The Ultimate Intuitive Power You Were Born With