How to Use Sacred Sexuality to Heal Shame and Trauma

I wanted to share this beautiful 28-minute video of a speech by late Psalm Isadora that she gave at A-Fest Greece in 2016. It’s about how to use sacred sexuality to heal shame and trauma.

This is one of the most moving and soul-stirring moments to experience, as Psalm shares, in intimate detail, her personal story of trauma, healing, and hope.

When you watch this, you’ll quickly understand why she was so dedicated to spreading practices like Tantra to the masses. And why she believed that the world today — more than ever — is starving for sexual healing.

Be sure to wait until the end to learn how to perform one of Psalm’s powerful and intimate meditations.

Through Psalm’s inspiring life story, you’ll learn:

  • Why holding on to the negative energy of “shame” can create deep intimacy blocks that may be holding you back from having deeper and more fulfilling connections.
  • How your sexual energy permeates every aspect of our lives from our money, our family, our self-image, and more.
  • Why healing traumas often require a physical release. (Hint: Memories are stored in the body, not in the mind.)
  • How Psalm spiraled into depression as a single mom. And the pivotal moment where she took the first step to heal her past shame and trauma. (Many of the people watching this began tearing up at this point.)
  • And much, much more.
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“In Tantra, we don’t believe that sex is just about having sex. It’s understanding that sexual energy is this powerful, creative force inside of us that manifests and creates our entire life.” Psalm Isadora