Caring About How You Feel

Dr. Dyer shares his own personal experiences with forgiveness, inspiration and creativity, and staying in tune with Source energy while Abraham delivers poignant answers to both Wayne’s and in turn, humanity’s most pressing questions – how you feel.

By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Esther Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham®) from their new book, Co-Creating at Its Best: A Conversation between Master Teachers

WAYNE: Do you have to constantly be aware of your thoughts? I mean they just come and—

ABRAHAM: No, but you do have to care about how you feel, because if you care about how you feel, when you start down the track that is not in keeping with the Source within you, you’ll feel the emptiness. Emptiness is a good description, because that’s exactly what it is. You have diverged from what Source thinks about this.

WAYNE: That’s amazing, because years ago when I first got a cell phone, I had to put an outgoing message on it, and I was very heavy into your work at that time. And so it said, “This is Wayne Dyer that you’ve reached. And I want to feel good. So if your message is designed to do anything other than that, you’ve reached the wrong number. Perhaps then you want to call Dr. Phil or someone, you know, who wants to hear bad news.” And that’s still my message on my answering machine, because I want to feel good.

ABRAHAM: That’s the message that Source has, too.

Caring About How You Feel Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Esther Hicks

WAYNE: Right. So when we’re having thoughts that don’t make us feel good — we’re in a relationship with someone that doesn’t feel good; we’re in a job that doesn’t feel good — is Source Energy going to offer us some experiences that are going to match up to what we are thinking that is feeling bad, feeling horrible?

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ABRAHAM: It isn’t Source that’s giving it to you. There are no lessons being applied.

WAYNE: Well, I mean certain people show up in your life experiences, synchronistic kinds of things.

ABRAHAM: Things are always working out for you — always.

WAYNE: So it’s like your gauge is to look at your feelings. What does this feel like in my body? And if it doesn’t feel good, instantly go back to whatever thought it is that I’m having that is allowing this to take place? I mean, can we all just always feel good all the time?

ABRAHAM: The way we like to explain it is that when you offer a thought about anything, Source, who is always walking with you, thinking with you, living with you, is having a thought about the same thing.

WAYNE: That’s really important to hear.

ABRAHAM: And when you feel good, your thought is in sync with the way Source thinks about it. And when you feel bad, you’re off the track of what Source knows about it. And you also have to understand that you are the one who launched the desire to begin with. You are the one who told Source who-you-are and what you want. In other words, you are the creator of your own reality. Source is the one who holds the vibrational frequency of what you’re asking for.

It’s not possible for you to desire something that would be detrimental to anyone, and feel good at the same time, because if you set forth an intention like that, you would deviate from the vibration of Source and you would feel the emptiness of it, you see.

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So it really is all about caring about the way you feel, about thinking more deliberately and about keeping an ear to the ground about how you feel.

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