Research Studies in Stress Reduction and Aromotherapy

Research Studies in Stress Reduction and AromotherapyResearchers are studying physical, medical, as well as emotional benefits of therapeutic massage since 1800s. They suggest massage to be beneficial in daily aspects of life. Aromatherapy is useful in stress reduction as it basically reduces your anxiety. Aromatherapy relates to therapeutic massage and this is found to promote relaxed mind, helps in reducing mental stress, fosters peace of mind, decreases the anxiety levels, improves the capacity of monitoring stress signals and the awareness of mind and body connection is well maintained. Studies also show that students who went for an aromatherapy massage prior to their exams experienced great decrease in anxiety levels.

Research studies also found the aromatherapy to be very beneficial in reducing stress to a great extent. The regular massages help in better performance at job tasks and they are more alert. Even the strange irritation experienced during the stress levels is totally reduced by aromatherapy. It is best for women who are pregnant to get the massage therapy done so that the discomfort is alleviated. Athletes also enjoy the comfort of massaging as it alleviates the muscle pain. Massage not only reduces the sprained ligaments, but it also relieves related headaches.

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Aromatherapy stimulates weak as well as inactive muscles. Illnesses and injury recovery is quicker. Massage helps in blood circulation and fluid movement. It strengthens the immune system and decreases blood pressure. While undergoing massage, you are expected to lie down and they do all sorts of massage. This keeps you out of your routine schedule and hence the performance after this therapy is unique and far better as you happen to see the same things in a calm and composed manner. This helps in seeing things with clarity of mind. The therapeutic message has notable effects; especially the emotional benefits are calmed down completely.

The physical benefits of aromatherapy astounding and the emotional benefits are exceptional. There is a significant relief from various ailments owing to aromatherapy and the research studies also have shown positive approach to stress reduction. The symptoms and depression experienced prior to massage leads to unwanted stress, but the same is relieved after massage and indulging in any challenging session is easily done with confidence. This is effective to relax as well as to stand fully recharged as the massage is pleasurable and sensual too. Aromatherapy has a good healing power and massage is a touch therapy that works directly and hence people under stress should do it frequently.