Creative Visualization with Lisa Nichols and Vishen Lakhiani

Lisa Nichols, rated the #1 teacher from “The Secret” and best-selling author, with Vishen Lakhiani of Mind Valley, guides you on a powerful Creative Visualization journey.

Join one of the greatest lessons you will ever learn in your life
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Creative Visualization

Lisa has personally used Creative Visualization to go from daily struggle to create a life beyond her wildest dreams — filled with passion, purpose, abundance, freedom, travel — and so much more.

And now she’s ready to help you do the same.

She has created 12 incredible Guided Visualization Sessions for you to improve all areas of your life. They are available exclusively on this page, with instant access — so you can get started immediately.

Each track you’re getting is very pleasurable to listen to. And contains a unique visualization session tailored to a key area of your life. It will surprise you at just how vivid your visualizations are — from the first try.

Improve ANY Aspect Of Your Life In 20 Minutes A Day
Spiritual, Wealth, Health, Family, Career.
Every Area That Is Important To You

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