Remember to Take a Break…

“Remember to take a break from your daily “do, do, do…” to just BE.”
John Assaraf

Remember to Take a Break...

We spend most of our time in an active state rather than thinking and allowing things to happen. However, to be more receptive to the answers, information, people, products, and services we need to achieve our goals, we need to be in the alpha state. And how do we make that happen? Through meditation, breathing, and calming down.

We have been taught in our society to do, do, do. Although we are human beings, we don’t seem to do much “being”. How can we get out of the rat race? How can we get off the treadmill of life filled with stress and mental anguish and start to work in harmonious vibration with everything around us, the way the universe works?

One of the laws of the universe is “least effort, not most effort.” If you’re finding that you’re working too hard and you’re too stressed out, it’s because you’re working against the laws of the universe. The universe looks for the easiest, fastest way to accomplish its goals — and so should you.

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