A Special Holiday Message for You!

In the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations, it’s easy to lose sight of the greatest gift we have to offer, not only at Christmas, but also all year round.

The holidays are about celebrating the season with family and friends. While presents under the tree are lovely, you’re here to give something far, far greater. The most magnificent present you can give is the gift of yourself and your capacity to connect with the people around you. It’s the time you spend with others – listening, engaging, and interacting with them – that is the true essence of Christmas spirit.

Breathe deep and look at the people surrounding you. Those at home, in the office, in the carpool lane, at the local coffee shop, even your most challenging family members. Every one of them holds the light of the Divine inside them. That spark does not go out, even in their darkest moments. It’s possible they’re lost or asleep, waiting to awaken to their own worth. They may simply need to be seen and heard. These individuals are not broken and do not need fixing. They just need to be witnessed and acknowledged as people.

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If you truly desire peace on earth, you must accept and embrace every human being, even your very opinionated uncle Bob, exactly as they are.

I know your capability for limitless love, patience, joy, and compassion. I feel the energy of your potential and I see your brilliance. You are an unstoppable force of goodness in the world, and I am so blessed to be a part of our global soul family.

Embrace, accept, and love with all that you are. Shine your light so others may feel its warmth this season and be the ultimate gift of love – you.

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays from me & my family to you & yours! May you be blessed beyond your wildest dreams with love, health, happiness and an abundance of joy and wealth. You deserve it!