A Gift from the Universe

So here we are, Fall of 2014… how’s your life? Are you feeling the breeze of new possibilities ruffling your soul? Do you have more moments of being happy than being dissatisfied? Is your health moving with a renewed momentum of vitality, balance and alignment? Yes? NO?

Let me start with an old joke today…

A terrible storm came into a town and local officials sent out an emergency warning that the riverbanks would soon overflow and flood the nearby homes. They ordered everyone in that town to evacuate immediately.
A faithful man heard the warning and decided to stay, saying to himself, “I will trust God and, if I am in danger, then God will send a divine miracle to save me.”
The neighbors came by his house and said to him, “We’re leaving and there is room for you in our car, please come with us!” But the man declined. “I have faith that God will save me.”
As the man stood on his porch, watching the water rise up the steps, another man in a canoe paddled by and called to him, “Hurry, come into my canoe, the waters are rising quickly!” But the man again said, “No thanks, God will save me.”
The floodwaters rose higher, water filling into his living room and the man had to retreat to the second floor. A police motorboat came by and saw him at the window… “We will come up and rescue you!” they shouted. But the man refused, waving them off saying, “Use your time to save someone else! I have faith that God will save me!”
The flood waters rose higher and higher and the man had to climb up to his rooftop.
A helicopter spotted him and dropped a rope ladder. A rescue officer came down the ladder and pleaded with the man, “Grab my hand and I will pull you up!” But the man STILL refused, folding his arms tightly to his body. “No, thank you! God will save me!”
Shortly after, the house collapsed. The floodwaters swept the man away and he drowned.
When in Heaven, the man stood before God and asked, “I put all of my faith in You. Why didn’t You come and save me?”
And God said, “Son, I sent you a warning. I sent you a car. I sent you a canoe. I sent you a motorboat. I sent you a helicopter. All of which you turned away, what more could you need?”

So many times in our lives the miracles and solutions for changing our challenging situations are right in front of us, yet we don’t see them, act on them or allow them in. Today, I have truly found something for you that is your rescue boat of healing, your helicopter of transformation, your vehicle to financial abundance (AND IT’S FREE). CLICK HERE and receive your “rescue” now. FREE.

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This amazing and free set of live, interactive, online healing workshops, where you work directly with the most powerful masters of healing, transformation, coaching and edge pushing, are here for you to grab ahold right now. And they are all here FOR YOU – to take you on a journey to your mastery.

Mastery means having confidence and faith in your life’s journey. It means feeling the sense of abundance that you KNOW you are supported, loved and cared for. It shows up as a feeling that life moves FOR YOU in sweet, nurturing ways… Like new support networks of individuals showing up and honoring you …Like financial freedom to play with the finer things of life and paying it forward elegantly, instead of surviving day to day.

They want to help you to… move your body in new, refined ways. Imagine running, dancing, riding horses, joining an adult volleyball team, maybe even train for a marathon… Things that, for some of you, seemed like they were out of the question… travel, experience fine dining, start a wine collection, donate to lots of your favorite causes, quit your job… rekindle a whole new connection with your significant other, discover healing and forgiveness in seeming immovable relationships of old. These masters are here to support you in a powerful and unprecedented soul advancement.

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Imagine spending time with Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsh, Vanessa Williams, Kenny Loggins, Jean Houston, Gregg Braden, James Van Praagh.
Imagine interacting directly and receiving personal, healing sessions for your issues with the hottest, cutting-edge healers and coaches on a live workshop show… absolutely free.
Imagine experiencing the newest healings, activations, and healing technologies, absolutely free.

So, I want to take a break and ask you a question… will you take it? Will you receive this “Gift from the Universe” and the guidance of these masters?

I have come to know, just like that joke illustrated so beautifully, that we are always given resources and solutions to solve every problem we face. We are fully supported in every moment. This is one of those moments of support and answers. Just CLICK HERE to join this powerful community of like-minded individuals and change your circumstances right now.

P.S. I promise you won’t be the same after this powerful series, which has supported hundreds of thousands over 13 seasons of transformation. This is your opportunity… Will you take it? Reclaim your life RIGHT HERE. It’s free.

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