4 Reasons for Annoying Failures

My friend and my #1 mentor, John Assaraf (CEO of NeuroGym), shared a few reasons for annoying failures with me. I found it all very interesting, so I decided to pass these 4 reasons along to you. (They have to do with your habits.)

#1 – Your Subconscious is in Control

See, at one point you probably tried to succeed. But… something went wrong, and you fell flat on your face. Your subconscious mind quickly got used to this failure. Since 95% of human behavior is driven by our subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and habits that are a big problem. This means that now you’re being held back by fears and limiting beliefs you’re not even aware of.

#2 – Failed Success is Comfortable

Many people tend to repeat the same pattern of failed success (we get motivated but then fail to accomplish our goals). And not surprisingly we achieve the same results over and over again. We repeat this pattern (or money story) because it’s safe and predictable. Our comfort zone may be limiting and uncomfortable, but at least it’s familiar.

For example, you are motivated to accomplish more, but then fear settles in when things get just a little hard, and your mind says, “Never mind… go back to what you know and are comfortable with. It would be nice to accomplish more but not right now – let’s just be fine with where I am now”.

#3 – Fear Takes Over

Think about this… It makes sense that fear is one of the strongest emotions a human can feel. (You can’t ignore finding a spider on your arm…. or a snake under your pillow) But those are life-threatening things. We need fear to survive in those cases.

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However, most of what frightens us is no real threat; it’s just an illusion. Unfortunately, it still kills our motivation. On the other hand, when we feel real genuine hope it rekindles our motivation.

#4 – You’re Writing Your Story NOW

To create a new story, whether it’s about weight loss or a healthier relationship with money, we need to realize that we can write a more satisfying life story with a simple choice.

When you accept these 4 things, you instantly realize that you are in control. You’ll realize that you can seize the reins of your life back from the fear and unconscious beliefs that have been holding you back. How?

Well, NeuroGym has created programs to help you re-program your subconscious and to not respond to fear. And to re-train your brain to have more positive, empowering beliefs. And when you have the beliefs, your actions will shift. And before you know it your whole life will be the life you’ve always wanted.

It starts with a choice.

So here are your options:

Option #1. Winning The Game of Money and “Shatter Your Financial Glass Ceiling”

Everything you think about money is guaranteed to change when you allow this program to uproot your current “money story” and replace it with a prosperous and powerful mindset of financial stability and freedom. You’ll learn:

  • How to eliminate the feelings of uncertainty and doubt that cause you to procrastinate.
  • Identify the mental and emotion obstacles that are holding you back and learn new techniques to release them Begin to ACHIEVE your financial goals instead of simply setting them.
  • How to Shatter your financial glass ceiling so you can start living an exceptional life.
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Option #2. Winning The Game Of Weight Loss – Scientific Secrets for You to Lose the Weight You Hate

This is NOT a diet. It’s NOT an exercise program. It’s a total “belief cleanse” that will allow you to release negative body-image beliefs and allow the fat to flush out of your body. (Once your mind lets it go, your body will too). You’ll discover a simple 3 Step Process that will ensure:

  • You Look Good Naked In Front of the Mirror
  • You Feel Sexy and Attractive
  • You Gain Control and Boost Your Self-Esteem
  • You Fit Into The Clothes You love

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Option #3. Winning The Game of Fear – Increase Confidence – Believe in Yourself

Deep-rooted fears will cripple your ability to be truly happy UNLESS you learn to turn that fear into fuel. This program trains your brain to do just that. Imagine what you could accomplish if you had unshakable confidence in your abilities. Powerful.

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